Cost of Learning

I know I haven’t been writing for a long time now, but I just wanted to find a quick way to get back on the horse and share with you something that has worked for me in the last couple of years, to then find out that I’m not alone in this quest.

Some may call it investing, some may call it education, I kicked the tires and called it “cost of learning”.

2 years ago, I had recently graduated form college, was working in a well known corporate office, read tons of books about business and innovation, but it all wasn’t cutting it.

Not that books, a good job and a college degree are not good, don’t take me wrong, I think that these experiences have helped me in a big way in my life. But I still felt like I needed to learn more about business. I could’ve taken an MBA, changed jobs or read more books, but I went the hard-nosed, head-into-the-wall way and started my own business. How cool! Some may say, how stupid! Some other may say. At the end of the day, I was most of all paying my dues, my “cost of learning”.

Knowing all the terms and saying what I would do in certain business situations felt hollow. The way it is easy to say if I were managing a sports team, I would’ve made such and such changes, and would’ve won the championship… Right, but you weren’t there, and you didn’t have to make that decision.

My cost of learning to become a business owner was paid outright, at first scary because of all of the complications that come with it. Some questioned my decision to quit and venture myself into the abyss. Some still do, telling me that I should’ve waited, or taunt me that I had it coming for me being the way I am. If you know me closely, you then know that my business, in the end, failed.

Smile up, don’t be sorry, I paid my cost, I learned, and I was never down when it happened, because when I went into it, I knew there was a very high probability that this would happen. But there was also a very high probability that I would learn a lot. I am a much better person than I used to be, and have more knowledge about business that no business school was ready to teach me, and no book could actually teach me. Not that they don’t know or don’t say it in their contents, but you actually have to be there and make things happen in order to learn. You have to make big decisions every day, and all management, finance, marketing, sales, HR, operations and such depend on you. The buck stops on you, now I know. I did lose money, but the cost I paid for such important life lesson was minimal, and I am still alive. I encourage you to take risks, because nowadays being safe is the riskiest thing you can do.

I don’t write this to tell you a story about myself, but to push you into taking risks and pay the “cost of learning”. It may not look as pretty as it should because you must pass through some tough, and I mean tough moments, but in the end you will become a much better person.

Compared to these guys… I had it easy…