About Me

I’m originally from a very small town in Mexico, Navojoa. I’m very blessed to have a very large family, I like playing basketball and running, and I like watching almost any sport. My passion in life is business, I like the thrill of defining a strategy and seeing the results after a successful execution, and I can’t hold myself from trying to innovate in every single thing I do. The power of technology amazes me and I often find myself reading and researching about technologies that don’t even make sense for me to be reading about. I am a Business Leader with experience in general management, strategy, marketing, technology consulting and business development pursuing an MBA at the Paul Merage School of Business in University of California, Irvine.

I provide an entrepreneurial spirit to implement new ideas, and clarity to define a long-term vision and ensure execution. I thrive at building an innovation-friendly environment by inspiring people to reach their fullest potential with high social values. Success to me comes in the form of touching people’s lives in a positive way and empowering them to fulfill their dreams. If I can inspire 1 person to be motivated, to change his / her life for the better, to pursue a dream, I have done my job in this earth.

Interests: Strategy, Digital Transformation, Brand Management, Technology, Running, Basketball and Exploring the world!