Getting around trash miles

“Avoid running trash miles”, was the advice I got from a remarkable person. 

The phrase is common among runners, and it refers to not going overboard on mileage when getting ready for a big race. If you are running, you must be doing it for a reason, not just for the sake of squeezing some miles in. Whether it is power, endurance, strength, speed or any other purpose but there must be one.

So what is the key to avoiding trash miles? – It’s just a matter of asking “what for?”

I’m gonna work out… What for?… power

I’m gonna run… What for?… speed

I’m gonna write a book… What for?… So I can change a person’s life

I’m gonna start a business… What for?… So I can help people solve a problem, or have a better price, or a better service…

You see where I’m going? The things that we do fall into 3 categories. That is, bad work, good work, or great work. When our “what for” is right, we do great work. And great work is what moves us, what makes us jump out of bed on a Sunday morning just to get it done. So, I don’t wanna waste your miles, you have something to work for today. Surprise us!

All my best, 


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