Find the right reasons

Hello everyone,

I’d like to start off with an apology to all of you for staying offline for such a lengthy period. I have been in a time of transition that to my belief is for the best.

Wow!, it feels great to be back! It’s a great feeling I have to be honest with you. There have been happening many stories that I have been meaning to write about and to share with you, and I promise I’ll give myself the time to write about them gradually.

What I would love to share with you today is one phrase that particularly has given me a better perspective when making a decision, and I am sure that many pro athletes and successful business people have thought about too, and that is…

“Do it, or don’t do it, but for the right reasons”

Many of you are probably familiar with the movie Moneyball

Billy Beane was faced with two important decisions in his life.

The first one was either to go pro and skip college or take a scholarship to Stanford. How many of us would want to be in that position, right?

His decision, as you guessed, was to go pro. He was a highly touted prospect and his upside was unlimited since he was tagged as a “five tool player”. You only get to see five tool players every now and then. The problem with making that decision was that it was based solely on money, putting aside every other factor. Now, I’m not saying that making a decision based on money is wrong, but it can be when not assessing the whole situation.

Turns out that Billy was not the player the scouts thought he would be, and he ended up regretting that decision throughout his career.

Lucky for him, life gave him a second opportunity, as he kept on working hard and got the Oakland Athletics to win 20 games in a row (MLB record) as a General Manager, and a season record higher than that of the New York Yankees with only about a third of their budget.

He discovered a new way of playing the game through statistics. The Boston Red Sox saw his talent, and decided to give them the biggest money offer to any GM in all sports history back in 2002. The details might be a little derailed since this is an adaptation to a movie, but the facts are this:

Billy Beane declined a 12.5 million dollars offer to one of the best ball clubs in Major League Baseball. Billy knew better that making a decision based on money could sometimes lead to regrets.

As I have stated before, do the right thing, pursue something higher than yourself, and the money will follow.

Billy made history, changed the game, something that goes beyond him, and will stay when he is gone. If you are still wondering about the money, it did follow, he got a part ownership of the Oakland A’s added to his salary compensation, but is he really going to be remembered because of the money he made? I doubt it.

My dear and missed readers, life is a game of choices and choices we make everyday. Small decisions, big decisions, who knows, they can all lead to a certain path of life, and we all want the life of no regrets, so when you have a decision to make, whatever it is, do it. Or don’t, but for all the right reasons.

Best wishes to all of you and enjoy a great Sunday!,


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(For the creator of this phrase, my apologies, because honestly I can’t recall where did I hear about it, but if I do you have my word I’ll come back to this blog post and give you credit for it.)


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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog because it is always full of enthusiasm and positivism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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