The heart of a Champion

Last week I had the opportunity to run a Marathon, and I must express my respect to the more than 32,000 souls in San Antonio.

It is truly unbelievable what all of these people do, I saw a parade of 32,000 winners, I smiled, my heart shrank, I felt confident, at times arrogant, then I felt pain, became humble, cried, and felt victory, glory, success.

This is not an “I rule” blog, but it is a blog to prove you that everyone of us has a heart of a champion, but to use it, we must find it.

If you never put your heart to test, you will never know what you are made of. I went in to that marathon being a person, and walked out being a champion. That’s what that day did for me. Today if you tell me something is too hard, something is too painful, or can’t be done, I will wrong you and if you persist I will wrong you again, because after the battle I fought last Sunday, I believe that there is nothing that can’t be done.

So what’s your challenge champion? What are your goals in life? Where is your heart? Have you seen it? Have you felt so much success that you cried your heart out? Have you prepared towards a goal so much that you wanted to succeed more than you wanted to breathe? Have you struggled and said to yourself “If I quit now I will always be a quitter, win today and be always a winner?” Have you acknowledged that pain is temporary, but glory is forever? If you have, and only if you have, then you can declare yourself a champion.

I believe that last week in my battle of San Antonio I ran 13.1 miles with my legs, and 13.1 with my heart. I have tried to explain the feelings that I had in that battle, but it is just too hard to explain. And I must say, like jar-heads do, this has marked my life forever. Like I said in my last week’s blog, I made a commitment with myself to win that day and every day of my life. I can’t say it was easy, I mentally took a knee just to think of how big the feat was, but I succeeded, and that’s all that matters now. That taste of success tops everything that went on that day, and I feel great to share this with you because I want to inspire you into finding your heart, pushing it, and accomplishing each and everyone of your dreams. Everything is possible, if you put the right amount of effort, and all of your heart into it.

It is in you, the heart of a champion. Find it, conquer it, it’s yours.



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