Any Given Sunday (and 9/11 note)

I was thinking of writing too much, but Al Pacino in his role in the movie Any Given Sunday wraps up everything I wanted to say today. Every inch counts in our lives, be it business, sports, or life itself. Every single decision accounts for our success, and no one else can do this for us, but us. Every decision made today has the potential opportunity of coming back in the future, for good or bad. The margin for error is minimum, look for perfection, fight for that inch, and whatever it is that you are trying to pursue in life, make sure you protect it with all you have and be willing to go the distance. Go the distance for people who are willing to go the distance for you, and obtain success.

Happy Football Kickoff Sunday to everyone, may your team have an outstanding season:

Author’s take on 9/11:

“I still remember this day 10 years ago. That very same September 11, 2001, my young brother was being born and I was in a U.S. Military high school not being able to catch a plane back home to meet him and thinking to myself if we were the next target. I couldn’t at the time understand how someone can do so much harm and I still can’t. 10 years later, my country has been target of many different terrorist attacks and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. If you are a reader of this blog, I invite you to take conscience of our own acts, acknowledge what have we done to end up where we are right now, and take actions and compromises that bring us close together to be the nation that we all want to be. 10 years ago I wanted so bad to meet my brother and be with my family, and I thank for having done so after a while. Tomorrow, our offspring will be living in this country, and building a patrimony for them involves building a better civilization, and a better country, don’t wait until is too late.”


A concerned citizen.


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  1. Manuel Molina says:

    Nunca me cansare de ver ese video.
    Excelente nota.

    1. Gracias Manuel,
      Fuerte abrazo!

  2. Thanks for ones write-up I truly learned something from it. Very good content articles on this internet site Always looking forward to new post.

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