The MVP Creed

Most Valuable Player. No, no most home-runs player, no most points scored player, no most touchdowns player, but most valuable player. Why?, why most valuable player?, why leave it to voting and non quantifiable attributes? It would be so much easier if it was based solely on numbers, we could get over the hassle and go home. Why make it so complicated?…

Because it matters.

  • An MVP will not care about numbers, an MVP knows that numbers are only a statistic reflecting the number of battles won.
  • An MVP will not care about making a great play, great plays will happen because the MVP is willing to go the extra mile.
  • An MVP will not dwell on losing a game, an MVP will get up and focus on winning the next game.
  • An MVP  is not a great offensive or defensive player, he is both.
  • An MVP will not make all the plays, he is only one part of a team.
  • An MVP will not care about missing the last shot, an MVP will care about making it.
  • An MVP knows that he is nothing without his team.
  • An MVP knows that he is the key piece that the team needs to win.
  • An MVP will always be the first one to show up and the last one to leave.
  • An MVP knows that winning is not an end state, it’s a way of living.
  • An MVP must be an all around player, and at the same time a clutch player.
  • An MVP knows the meaning of pressure, but decides to ignore it.
  • An MVP will not be a regular player, an MVP will be an MVP.

An MVP will never leave his team down, always stand out and make things happen, win games and championships. An MVP will live and die playing the game he loves. An MVP will be at all times the most valuable player.


All my best,


Twitter: @asanvicente



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