What works for you (you already know it)

If you know what works for you, do it, and stick to it. If you don’t, look for it unhesitantly. Know your limits, because there are some things that you can not do. Surpass those limits, don’t let people like me tell you that you can’t do something. If your plan is working, don’t change it. Change your plan, there’s always room for improvement, which may lead to greater execution. Changing your plan may also mean poorer execution. You will only know if you do it, so take risks, and please, trust your gut. Ask successful people what worked for them, find common denominators, don’t plagiarize, be original, write your own story. Try, fail, and fail faster, and fail bigger, and solve problems. Be accountable, ask for help. Want to know what works for you? The answer is… The answer is inside you. You are in charge.

Twitter: @asanvicente

Email: asanvicente@live.com


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