Create your shots


Today is father’s Day, and I’d like to share a with you something that my Dad has taught me, and that is to “Create your shots”.

As you can see, creating shots doesn’t mean that you will actually make the shot, but the more shots that you take, the more opportunities that you have to actually make a shot. All this in terms of playing basketball. Now, I have compared in several occasions in my blog how sports can be similar to business in terms of examples and this is not the exception.

Last week, in the NBA Finals, I was not surprised by the Dallas Mavericks winning the championship, what I was more surprised about, was the amount of opportunities that Dirk Nowitzki created for himself. That is, all of the movements that he made without the ball in order to find it and score. There was not a moment in the game that he was not moving around, avoiding defense, and playing smart in order to get to the ball. He was not even his team’s top scorer, nor the highest in field goal percentage, but he was the MVP (Most Valuable Player). By creating his own shots, not only did he score many of them, but he was also able to pull the defense, make a pass, and let his teammates score. Bottom line, the more shots you create, the more chances you have of being successful.

In the business side it doesn’t get much different. When you are constantly creating opportunities, it is similar to creating shots. You have to know where to move, and be constantly moving in order to find that perfect spot and “score”. Many people refer to this as “making moves”, and it is about setting yourself up for success, and be ready for whatever comes. Like in basketball, you may miss some shots, but the more shots you take, the higher the probability is that you score. When I hear Steve Jobs’ story in becoming the success that he currently is, comes to my mind the large amount of shots that he created for himself. First, he launched Apple and was successful, but then, somewhere along the line, he started missing shots. This is not necessary a bad thing, because the more you miss, the more you learn on how to get it right. He was fired from his own company, but created additional shots with Pixar and NeXT. At the end, they were both a success, and  in 1996 Jobs became the CEO again for Apple, and is now, bigger than it ever was.

Creating shots doesn’t guarantee success, but it guarantees experience, and multiple opportunities. I’d like to invite you to take more chances, and be not afraid of missing, sometimes it is hard to convince one’s self to actually go through with something, but when you really want it, you will do whatever you have to do in order to succeed. Start creating those shots, even if they are not big shots right now, and I’ll assure you that you will have many more scored shots. Dirk Nowitzki made 27 shots, and only scored 10, and he is, with his team, a champion. Maybe all you need is one shot, but it will never happen unless you create it. Start today.



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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Fausto says:

    Muy bien Arturo, hoy te aventaste un shot de 3 puntos con este 21K y acertaste. Felicidades!!

    1. Gracias, e igualmente a ti por el 21k y además por el día del Padre!

  2. carolina Cruz says:

    Great article! I like your Steve Jobs example!

  3. Thanks! Couldn’t leave Mr. Jobs out of the blog!

  4. José Robles says:

    Muy buen articulo.

  5. Thanks for sharing positive messages and give us the chance to remember there are a lot of things to keep fighting for.

  6. Cony Villarreal says:

    Thanks for sharing positive messages and give us the chance to remember there are a lot of things to keep fighting for.

    (Sorry, the computer automatically take the name of the owner of this article, my apologize. The correction of the name is done).

    Cony Villarreal.

  7. Don’t worry about it Cony, and that is true, there are a lot of things worth fighting for, and you only lose when you stop trying. Hope you enjoy reading the rest of this blog, and if you have any ideas for me to write about, feel free to share!

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