Even when no one is watching

Times are changing, and with times changing, management, competitiveness and challenges are evolving. It gets complicated by the minute, and for that successful business people and athletes must become better, stronger, more diverse, and most of all, smart.

Yet, there are some people that are still afraid of failure, people that are afraid of taking challenges, and are not willing to risk it all, to do or die, to succeed no matter what and work when no one is watching. They rather wait for life and see if “something comes up”. I see people that believe that Mark Cuban was lucky, that Michael Phelps is good because he was born different, as if he had super powers, and that Mark Zuckerberg is who he is because he is an opportunist.

If I must say, and I can be wrong, I would have to say to all of these people, stop making excuses.

I talk about Mark Cuban because not only did he achieve success in business, but is also in the NBA finals right now with the Dallas Mavericks. I disagree when people say he was lucky, because when no one cared, when no one was watching, when everyone turned their backs, he was working hard. He was not working for recognition, for approval, and sure as hell not for money, because he was making none. He was working for something way bigger than himself, that required of his hard work, dedication and didn’t have a time-in-time-out clock. He could work for 17 hours a day and feel great about it.

Some people say Michael Phelps was born different and has super powers, and that he swims faster because of his better genes. Wrong, he is constantly working in ways to increase his metabolism speed, he ingests 12000 calories a day,works just as hard on his physical game, as on his mental toughness. And it doesn’t get any easier when he does better, because people expect more from him. He works, and doesn’t care who is watching, because he is. He is the one he must prove, he is the one he must work for.

Mark Zuckerberg, what a guy right? Many people trying to take facebook away from him, many people accusing him of stealing an idea. I’m not here to defend or to make an accusation, that’s none of my business. What is of my business is to recognize that if anyone else had found that idea, most likely wouldn’t know what to do with it. The idea wasn’t new, myspace already existed. It was about capitalizing, and by working when no one is watching, he was ready when the opportunity came. Winklevoss brothers? Perfect example of people who are working only when everyone is watching, but when people stop looking, they stop working.

Do you think these 3 successful people where waiting for “something to come up”? I don’t think so.

What I am trying to say is, successful business people and athletes add value by working hard, every day, even when no one is watching. I say add value, because working 17 hours a day doesn’t guarantee success. Doing it for the right reasons and with the proper knowledge does. If you can do that without expecting validation or recognition, they will eventually come as a consequence, but that’s not why you are in it for in the first place, right? Most importantly, success will come.

To close I’d like to share with you a short ad featuring Michael Jordan, that explains better what I have just said.

Make sure you ask any questions that you may have, comments and suggestions, I am always looking to get better.


Arturo San Vicente

Twitter: @asanvicente

Email: asanvicente@live.com


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alfredo L says:

    Arturo. Eres pariente de Guillermo ? Chih? Itaka? Luis Mauricio?

  2. Que tal Alfredo, te voy a quedar mal, no conozco a las personas que me dices.

    Saludos, y espero te haya gustado el blog!

  3. Arturo, aqui esta el mismo video con mejor calidad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woOu_4l3lio&feature=fvst saludos

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