10 things successful business people and runners have in common

As many of you know, I have been writing this blog to make a point that business people and sports men and women have many things in common. It’s the way they behave, the things that they are interested in, the things that they pay attention to. It is my way of telling everyone out there, if you want to be successful, see life as a sports game, in which you have a scoring system, be it points, goals, touchdowns or times, and that you must be better than the rest of the world in order to succeed. During that game, you will see that you are going to find referees that have bad judgement, and have an impact on your game, and sometimes it is unfair, but you must get up and live with it. At some point, you will have to start working collaboratively with a team, and you will find out that you are only as strong as your weakest link. You will then find out that your game can be solved even before it is played, that is, your game begins in the gym, in your head, visualizing. So, at the end of the day, life is one big tournament or one big run that you must win, by playing everyday, adjusting, learning, gaining experience, adding people to your team, eliminating some, playing important games, dealing with injuries, bad referee calls, bad weather, and a little bit of luck at times. For this reason, I would like to point out 10 things successful business people and runners have in common.

1. Their day starts before the sun rises

By the time that the rest of the world gets up, business men and women get most of their work done. They get up, don’t snooze, and believe that the most important time of the day is before it even begins. Runners, they get up before the sun rises because they know they are in for the long run, and know that they can give a better effort at this time of the day. Which takes me to number 2.

2. They are in for the long run

They know that their success does not rely on a one-shot deal. They know that to get there, they must work hard, that it is not easy, and that they must stay true to their vision in order to achieve it. They know that there is no such thing as overnight success.

3. They plan before starting

If you want to go across a mud puddle, you first look at the big picture and then decide what way to go, find the right rocks that will get you across. Same thing for business people, they plan and assess the situation, then they decide a path that they will follow to success. Runners analyze the route, decide where will they go faster and / or save energy, to win the race, it’s all about seeing the big picture.

4. They have an amazing power of will

They don’t say “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I rather sleep”, instead, they stick to their plan. As much as sometimes it is really hard, they must stick to the plan, or else, they will not be ready and fail.

5. They never quit

They do not know the meaning of “give up”, even when things go wrong, they keep moving forward. Rain? Keep moving, tired? Keep moving!, not enough cash? Keep moving, recession? Keep moving!!!

6. They know that taking a break is part of their game plan

Business men and women often need to take a time of to think things through, clear their minds, go to a private place and decide if what they want to do is really what will get them to where they want to be. Taking a break is key to keep moving forward. Runners know that in their workout plan prior to a big race, resting is an important part to avoid falling into burnout.

7. They are mentally tough

Runners go through pain, hit the wall, lose strength and become weak through the race, but their minds keep them moving. They need nothing more than a strong mind to stay on their feet. Successful businesspeople, grow their confidence, and when everyone thinks they are crazy, everyone judges them, they remain calm and strong, because they know that in some time, the rest will understand, the rest will support. They are convinced in what they believe.

8. They are always thinking forward

Successful business people are never thinking about what happened in the past, although they gain experience and learn, but they are more focused on what will they do tomorrow, constant focus on goals and priorities, rather than on to do’s and worrying about the past. They are looking forward to find where the puck is going to go. Runners are never thinking of who’s behind them and worried about the other passing him / her. What they are thinking is, how will I win, how will I pass the next competitors, and when they pass them, they start thinking of other competitors that are further ahead!

9. They are received at the finish line by thousands of people

This, by all means, is what being successful is all about. It’s the glory, triumph, victory, SUCCESS. Successfull people have many followers rooting for them, pushing them forward, while runners, even when they are tired know that at the end, is not up to them to keep running, is the people’s hopes and motivation that keeps them up and running, it is the crowd that boosts that motivation to keep pushing. Which takes me to the number 10.

10. They know that what they are doing is bigger than them

Runners know that this is bigger than them, it is about proving themselves, proving others, feeling of accomplishment, some runners do it for cancer, for a beloved one, or for winning to give back to the people who supported to get there. Successful business people know that what they are doing is bigger than them, to fulfill a need, to give more back to their communities, to motivate more people that things can be done, to become a role model for others to follow the lead. You name it.

I hope that you like this and if you do, make sure you tweet it, retweet me, post it on your facebook, email it, because what I am trying to do is bigger than myself, and I hope I can impact more people to play the game of life… like a champion.

(Thanks to Fausto and Verónica for the motivation to run!)

Twitter: @asanvicente

Email: asanvicente@live.com


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Carlos says:

    Sigue así.

  2. Jorge Avila says:


    Pocas veces disfruto tanto un artículo como disfrute este. Como emprendedor y empresario uno de los mayores retos es el transmitir nuestra forma de ver las cosas, y creo que tu artículo capta la mayoría de una excelente forma.


    1. Muchísimas gracias Jorge! Saludos!

  3. Excelente recapitulación, además de cierta. ¡Felicidades!

    1. Gracias Oscar! Saludos!


  4. Nelda Flores says:

    Hola Arturo,

    Gracias a un RT que me diste encontré tu blog y me gustó el tema que manejas, además de que escribes de una forma muy sencilla, que capta la atención del lector y -aunque se vea un poco largo el artículo- la lectura se hace muy ágil. Ya tuve la oportunidad de leer dos artículos, los dos me parecieron muy interesantes, pero este en particular me gustó mucho porque confirma que quienes practican algún deporte, van adquiriendo más habilidades para enfrentar los retos que se presentan día a día. Me daré un tiempo para leer el resto de tus artículos.

    Nelda Flores

    1. Muchas gracias por tus palabras Nelda, efectivamente estoy trabajando en mejorar, y en especial en tratar de hacer los blogs más cortos para quitarle menos tiempo al lector, muchas gracias por tu retroalimentación y tus palabras!

      Saludos y a la órden!

  5. Susan Cuffari says:

    Very nicely written.

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