Create and Respond

One of the most importants learnings that my blog has given me so far is the “Create and Respond” factor. You might be asking what is this factor, and I will try to be very specific, yet broad so that you can apply it in your life too.

Some people might reffer to this as “Putting your money where your mouth is”, but I do not agree with that term, because the connotation that it projects to my point of view is that this goes for Blah-ers, and that’s not what I am about.

When creating; businessmen, entrepreneurs, ahtletes in general have big goals and dreams, but comes a moment in their life where they decide that is time for those to stop being dreams and become reality. They make a statement, a career move, or a turning point in their lives.

When responding, they all must live up to their own expectations of themselves, but also, to the expectations of their “advocates“. If we were to monetize advocates, they would be the angel investors, and are the people who are expecting their money to be multiplied by investing in them. But what happens in any business is, once investors have seen a great return in their investment, they invest more, and of course, expect more.

Having described what “create and respond” is, I’ll share with you a clear example of someone who believes in create and respond, and an example of myself, and hopefully after reading this blog, you will be creating, and in a few years, months, or even days; I, as your advocate, expect you to look for me and share with me your story about how are you responding.

Muhammad Ali, arguably the best boxer of all times, used phrases such as:

“I hated every minute of training, but I said: Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

By saying that he created an image of him to his advocates that said: Muhammad Ali is all about the training, and because of what he does, and what he has said, he is going to be a champion. So now people were expecting this from him at this point, which became a self pressure in him to accomplish this peat, and most of all, to back up his words and to prove his advocates.

He then became the champion and lived that life that he talked about. He used that pressure as energy to keep going until he accomplished his goal. When he became the champion, he responded, and then he said:

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

He had created this aura around him where people were expecting him to do better, so he was pushing himself, along with people pushing him for results, and he used this energy as motivation to accomplish what he believed he could do. He RESPONDED.

In one of my first blogs I was talking about “trusting in yourself”, and when I was about to publish it, I had many doubts about doing it out of insecurity. I had created something, but the responding part of me was not in line. Then the responding part of me said: “What are you preaching about if you don’t belive in what you are saying? Publish it already!” Seconds later, I trusted myself and published that blog.

I believe in every word I say in my blog, and when I write about it, I must commit to respond and live up to what I say, and that’s the key to responding. Live up to what you say and do, and stay restless until you accomplish your goal.

What are you creating right now? How will you respond?

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  1. Ricardo Chacón Almada says:

    Amigo que buenos blogs te escribes, todavía me faltan muchos por leer, me da mucho gusto que estés escribiendo estas cosas. Saludos.

  2. Lore gl says:

    Llegó en el momento indicado!!! Muy bueno!!

    Congrats por tu blog!! 🙂

    1. Gracias Rick! Fuerte abrazo. Saludos!

  3. Lore! Que bueno!!! Saludos!!!

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