Winning and success go hand by hand along the way, but to winners and successful people, failure and losses are not unknown terms. They understand that to win you must lose at times, and that you have to learn from your losses to become better. But there are certain games or situations that you must whatsoever win 100% of times. These situations are generally presented in business when you are in your own territory (your country, building, office), and in sports, the home games.

Why do I consider winning home games so important?


When you start winning your home games, other teams will fear you. Between 1985 and 1987, the Boston Celtics went with a record, including playoffs of 79-3 at home, and created an aura inside Boston Garden where every team was scared of playing. They built a reputation that no one would beat them at home. Same thing happened to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field for postseason games (1957 – 2003 without losing a home game in playoffs, 13-0). They knew their own territory from head to toe like no one else, and for that, they succeeded.

In business, you must close every one of your deals at your advantage when you are in your territory. The first hint is, that someone is coming to you, and you are not coming to them, which gives you an advantage. Once you start closing and winning every one of your deals and making good decisions, others will know that when they come into your territory, it’s on! They will now know you are not easy to beat, and will think twice before going into your territory. If you don’t believe me, just think of yourself trying to close a deal in Donald Trump’s war room, you’d think about it twice right? Once reputation is built, visitors will be intimidated and second guess themselves, because they know it will not be an easy fight, for they are facing a ruthless and mean winning machine.

Reason #2: ROAD RULES

When you go in away games, or in business, going off territory, you will see that they will now feel very respectful towards you for what you have done at home, and that will be an advantage for you. They will try their best to beat you in their court, because they do not want to go back to your court to close the deal, finish the series, so they will risk more, they will burn their bridges. And that gives you a fair advantage, because they are risking too much.

Reason #3: TEAM MORALE

Your teammates and fans, or peers and stockholders will feel secure, because they will trust your judgment. Based on your winning ability, they will not second-guess you. They will play for you because they will acknowledge you as the leader you are, as well as a winner. They will know that you will not take nothing from anyone and that you will want to win 100% of your games / deals. Michael Jordan always had the support of his teammates, and although he never had the best players in the league, he made it to win 6 championships, because his team trusted his judgment and knew they were in for something big if they were to play as a team and follow his lead.


Also, when you are playing at home, you are in numerical advantage, because you have your team and a crowd in your favor, which is a motivational boost. In business, you have your team in place, your peers, your countrymen, whilst the other person is generally in numerical disadvantage and vulnerable.

Let it be clearly understood that although I am making a competition comparison, you should know that when it comes to negotiation, you are never trying to beat the other person; you should always be trying to win them over, which is different. But being in your place always gives you a head start.

Your comments are welcome, and everything is open for discussion.

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