Praise your Dennis Rodman

I am on vacation for my grandfather’s 80th birthday, and I thought I wouldn’t be writing this weekend at all, but based on your feedback and motivation I feel like I owe it to you, so here it is to you.

For those of you who don’t know, Dennis Rodman was a very classy guy, he was an icon to the NBA. He had tattoos all over, dyed his hair in crazy ways, fought on and off the court, and had a flamboyant life. Always taunting opponents, as well as the occasional fan. Long story short, his actual life was way more noticeable than his actual game. But I’m not here to praise his off court life, but his inside the court job. He was great at what he did, the dirty game, for this his nickname “the worm”.

Dennis Rodman did the job that no one else wanted to do, he would go inside the paint and fight elbow to elbow with most of time bigger guys than him, passing the ball, getting rebounds, even though he was only 6 ft 6 in. His actual game was often seen as unnoticed, since he dedicated his time working on the mind game, dirty game and not in scoring points, making dunks or 3pt shots.

In business we often see many Dennis Rodman’s and since leaders often believe their job is not as important, don’t give as much appraisal. I think that every business has it’s own dirty jobs, whether it is the guy in that office making sure the system is always up, or the guys from customer service who have to swallow complaints, or any other jobs that most people do not want to take and is crucial to the business. That’s what I call sticking out your chest for your team!

Those who do the dirty job in any business or sports deserve the leader’s respect for doing what they do, and most of all, their attention, they need to feel engaged and part of the team, and should know and see clearly what their job is in addressing the big picture for that team or company. The better these players do that dirty job for you, the better your team will perform, and every now and then we should say… Thank you Dennis! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here!

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Virgilio Garza says:

    Muchas Felicidades Arturo

    1. Muchas gracias Virgilio,

  2. Carlos Rivera Torres says:

    Congratulations Arturo for this initiative that you are working on. Keep on writing.

  3. Carlos Rivera Torres says:

    And enjoy your grandfather’s birthday party (Bello)

    1. Thank you Carlos!
      Best Regards!

  4. Clelia Hernández says:

    Arturo, estamos por aqui para empezar a leer y compartir ideas!!! saludos

    1. Gracias Ingeniera!,

  5. arjanshahani says:

    Excelente post sobre Dennis Rodman. Definitivamente, de repente hay que ensuciarse las manos un poco para lograr el cometido.

    1. Así es Arjan, gracias por el comentario!


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